Profession development

EuroAcademy's different programs for individual development can easily be designed to team processes. From this flexibility we offer leadership programs for different professions such as:

  • Sales force

  • Service staff

  • Project management

  • Accountants

  • Lawyers

  • Etc.

Team development

1+1=3… The effectiveness of a team can be more than the individual’s single contribution added up. It requires a well functioning team, group dynamics and a group where it members know each other. 

Our team development programs are adjustable to different kind of working teams, leading groups, action teams and workgroups. The program starts with initial analyse and workshops focused on how the team function and can be extended with different steps adjusted to the tasks and needs of the team. The program is inspiring and developing for the team as well as for the individual.

Strengths-based development

An interdependent team where it members know each other strengths is "the best of us". We support a process where each individual starts with the assessment Strengths Finder 2.0 and then recieve guidance through the process from a certified Gallup Strengths Finder coach. Finally a picture (grid) is created showing each team members contribution through the lens of talents and strengths. An investment that has a significant impact on the team and value for each individual. See our specific Strengths programs.    

Develop leadership skills within different professions.

Develop leadership skills within different professions.


Team development program.

Strengths-based team development.

Strengths-based team development.