Leadership programs from EuroAcademy

For individuals, teams and organizations

The leadership programs from EuroAcademy are developed from the base of our more than 30 years of experience. The flexibility and adjustment to both personal and organizational conditions are key factors in our programs for effective and sustainable leadership development.

Personal & Professional alignment

- Development that last. 

General highlights in our leadership program portfolio:

  • Program for all levels of leadership. And through all phases of life.

  • Well designed processes during 3-12 months for sustainable leadership transformation.

  • Human coaching - one to one

  • Supported by state of the art technology.

  • Fully adaptable to personal, professional and organizational situation.

  • A clear method. Mix of coaching, theory, reflections, assessments and action plans.

  • Time and place flexibility - when and where. No stress.

  • Strengths-based with Appreciative inquiry.

  • Added value through Alumni network, Leadership seminars and Impact Travels.

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Our leadership programs: 



Dynamic Management™ - Personal and Professional Leadership

Human coaching and digital learning combined.

A foundational program for leadership development.  

  • A module based training program with a personal leadership trainer / coach.

  • For individuals and teams

  • A personal online tool with theory, reflecting questions, analyses and a training/action plan.

  • Personal and professional leadership aligned.

  • Choose up to 5 modules of proven leadership concepts.

  • Fully adjusted to personal and organizational situation.

  • Step by step oriented process through training worksheets between sessions.

  • Time and space flexible - set your own tempo and meet where you want.

Management Coaching Program - Your leadership plan

A coaching program for leaders on operative and strategic level.

  • 6-8 months leadership development with a personal coach.

  • Combines personal and professional leadership with a whole life perspective.

  • A well guided process with different modules.

  • A natural next step coaching program if client has gone through Dynamic Management Program.

Executive Coaching Program - Top leader support

A supporting program for top leaders and executives.

  • For top leaders who have completed the MCP program (see above program).

  • Or to leaders who due to other experiences and knowledge, can be expected to profit by this program.

  • Going on for a longer time according to client wish.

Strengths Finder - From talents to strengths

A program to discover, understand and develop talents into strenghts.

  • Develop your talents into strengths with our certified GALLUP coach (Strenghts Finder).

  • Cultivate a strengths based culture in your team and organization.

  • Designed for individuals or group processes.

  • Different levels for ongoing development.

Future Leaders and Entrepreneurs - Hope & future

A program designed for younger people. Developed in collaboration with schools and students. 

  • A reflecting process and a program that empowers the individual.

  • Gives an understanding of each persons unique gifts and potential.

  • Equip young individuals with hope and tools for reaching dreams and goals.

  • A program for every day and the whole life.

Halftime Roundtable - A halftime life plan

What will you do for the rest of your life? Create your second half defined by joy, impact and life balance.

  • A roundtable process guided by a well proven material and certified coaches, together with reflections from the group of participants.

  • Going on for 12 months for optimal reflection and transformation.