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The leadership programs from EuroAcademy are developed from the base of our more than 30 years experience. The flexibility and adjustment to both personal and organizational conditions are key factors in our programs for effective leadership development.

On top of the individual adjustment, we integrate well proven assessments and one on one coaching during a longer time from a certificated coach or trainer. All together this a unique combination not found in many other leadership programs.   

From our Certification Centre we do coach-training, certification and licensing in EuroAcademy's programs. We also offer certification in many of the market leading assessments and leadership tools.

Program licensing

  • Initial training and coach licensing in our leadership programs and tools from EuroAcademy.

  • The guarantee for coach performance and client satisfaction.

  • The base for how to live our core values.

Coach training

  • A continuing process and reflection of what it means to be a EuroAcademy leadership coach.

  • Annual refresh training from initial program certification.

  • Training in how to handle specific needs of clients.

  • Deeper understanding in how to use leadership development tools.

  • Training in Strengths-based development and Appreciative inquiry.


  • From EuroAcademy Certification Centre we offer our clients, certified leadership actors and partners tools and assessment for leadership development. Access through EuroAcademy Log in.

  • Dynamic Management™ Personal & Professional Leadership. Included in the program are five analysis according to each program module.

  • DISC - one of the worlds most used assessment. The price for a initial DISC assessment is 55€ followed by coaching sessions (not included in price) . Contact us locally for more information.

  • Strengths Finder. Fore more information read Strengths-based development or contact us locally.

  • For certification and training in how to use assessments contact us locally. You can also fill in the contact form below.

Coach community

  • As a EuroAcademy leadership coach you have the opportunity to regular meet colleges and learn from each other.

  • We also promote an online coach community.

If you want to give us feedback on our programs or resources. Please do! Everything is great. 

Want to join as a Coach?

License or Certification

If you share our vision and core values and want to be a EuroAcademy associated coach or have a certification in any assessment - please contact us or fill in request below: 

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