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Magnus Österman

My specialities are in Leadership development, business concept innovation and sustainability. As CEO for EuroAcademy I work for A world well led. In this work for good leadership I also try to bring my experiences from my work in Sweden’s largest network for Corporate Social Responsibility, to the table. I put a lot of focus on the alignment of personal and professional values and goals in leadership and the importance of cross sector partnership between business, public sector and NGO:s.  

In all my professional life I have been working with business- and leadership development, process reengineering, management system (ERP), market- sales- and product management. I have a broad experience from working in all sectors – private, public, NGO and the academic. Even in the church sector.  

I do a lot of leadership coaching and teaching in the field of personal- and professional leadership. I am regularly contracted as a speaker and teacher in sustainability.

I am a certificated GALLUP coach in strengths-based development. If you are familiar with this, my own top 5 themes are Achiever, Strategy, Includer, Maximizer and Intellection.

My personal competence and speciality is how to make 1+1=3 and in this, how to mix strategy with the power to achieve.

What I really love is to talk life over a coup of the wilderness.

All the best / Magnus