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EuroAcademy offers travels that change perspectives. A unique combination of leadership seminars and culture experiences that can transform your world and your leadership footprint. In just a few days.      

Leadership is about seeing the the right mountain top and also know how to climb it. If we just know how to climb we risk ending up in a hard place, on the wrong mountain. That is why we always have to clear our eyes.

See each other. Change your world.

See each other. Change your world.


Impact Travel 1: Stretched and challenged in India 

In the Just 5 Days to India we travel , stretch and challenge our perspectives together. The take home experiences can clear our leadership lenses and connect to our authenticity. The leadership seminars also bring value to the people in the local place and in their situation. A win-win impact.  

The days in India had great impact on me. We taught leadership but I think I was the one who learned most - a life changing experience.
— Johnny Källman, participant Five Days India 2017

In the eyes of a local and global world

 The world is glocal. Future leadership must take this in consideration. It is also about creating shared value for a sustainable world. In the the 5 days travel to India we give value in both directions by bridging people, cultures and places.  

Tomas Brunegård, Chairman EuroAcademy and Johnny Källman. India 2017.

Tomas Brunegård, Chairman EuroAcademy and Johnny Källman. India 2017.

Leadership seminars in India

In the Just 5 Days travel to India we also do leadership seminars. To live our value of togetherness we quite often ask our participants to share their leadership stories. We also take part of external leadership teaching. 

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