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With a positive and appreciative approach, I work for

Sustainable leadership development

Goal: Action oriented, Authentic and Visionary leaders and leadership groups

In Sustainable Organizations

Goal: Robust organizational set-up, resilient workforce and healthy change processes

Releasing the potential of the human capital

Goal: Teams with energy and purpose that are optimizing their conflict & collaboration potential


I have been a coach and consultant for more than 12 years and have worked with a wide range of people in a number of industries and countries. I have coached and trained more than 1,000 leaders, and have never been on "auto-pilot" - every group or person opens a new "universe of opportunity" to be explored and realized.

I have a humble approach to the individual being unique and resourceful and that together we can learn what must take us one step further. As a conversation partner, I can fill different roles: Coach, sparring partner, brainstorming partner, mentor or teacher. The role is determined by my client and the situation.

My psychological meta-perspective is existentialism and my psychological method is the latest development of Gestalt psychology and, the latest discoveries in brain research. This means that in an acknowledging manner I challenge and support my client's processes so that new insights about themselves and their resources are achieved.

I am a sharp analyst with a good business understanding and leadership insight. Most often, it creates clarity for my clients about what "I want to do" and "What I need to develop".

My MBA, diploma in leadership and Master degree in coaching and organizational consulting, is the theoretical base for my work, along with more than 20 years of practical management experience, and now 12 years as a business coach.

I have worked as a priest, as a leader and as a process consultant. This gives a unique and broad ballast to work with leaders and the different challenges they face.

Across cultural contexts, such as European, Russian, Asian and Lantin American and, with leaders with widely different views of life and people, I have created sustainable management development for the benefit of the individual and their businesses.