What is great leadership? And what does it do to business, people and our planet?

There are many answers out there , in leadership theory, about what great leadership is all about. But have you ever asked yourself why you want to follow a leader? Gallup, the worldwide information and consultant company did exactly this. They asked over 10 000 people around the globe if they, in their own words, could say why they choose to follow someone. On the top of the list the answers were quite similar. They were Hope – Trust – Stability – Compassion.

What do you feel when you read those factors about great leadership? Probably you ask yourself how your own leadership reflects the answers. Maybe you think about what you lack in some areas. This is unfortunately one of the greatest problems in our time – we tend to focus on our weaknesses and what we don´t have instead of focus on our strengths and what we have.

And now to the most important . The key-­‐understanding in Gallup’s survey on why people follow a leader is that every leader can contribute to hope, trust, stability and compassion. In their own way. For example, you don’t need to be a strong and charismatic visionary leader to give hope. You can give hope by using your strengths to achieve and to be productive. People will see this quality in you and feel positive about the future. The way to contribute to hope-­‐trust-­‐stability-­compassion can be done in many ways by using your own strengths professionally and authentic. Therefore, ask yourself what your strengths are and how they can interplay in each area.

The question of great leadership and how it can impact the world is the reason why EuroAcademy exists. It is also the reason why I have taken the responsibility as new CEO. I feel both glad and honoured to continue to develop the services and program from EuroAcademy – still with Mats Kärnerud, our founder, close by my side.

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A World well led – It starts with you.

Magnus Österman, CEO EuroAcademy