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Demetrius ENS

HR Consultant & Leadership coach

- Purpose and meaning
- Multicultural leadership
- Team processes

 I spent the first 10 years of my professional life in different organizations and countries, mostly NGOs. During that period, I studied Theology and Psychology and did an apprenticeship as an industrial clerk. It is my passion to help people to develop themselves, their team and organization. As a leader of different teams, I know the chances and difficulties.

Intrinsic motivation and great results always come with purpose and meaning. Therefore, I challenge and help people to find that personal vision statement that makes them going even behind their own expectations. It is my desire that leadership becomes more than a position or responsibility in an organization. Leadership itself should fulfil the leader and empower each team member. 

During my professional career I worked and lived in Germany, South Korea, Malaysia and Russia. Additionally, I had a chance to work with Afghans, Pakistanis Indonesian and many others. There is a great potential to work with people from different backgrounds, but it’s always a challenge especially for leaders. Coaching helps to focus on potential without losing the sensitivity for differences.


Demetrius Ens

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