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Daniel Grahn

General Secretary, Erikshjälpen & Board Member, EuroAcademy

Erikshjälpens vision:

A changed world there childrens dreams come thrue.

We work in 20 countries, promoting children rights. We are also running the leading group of Second hand-malls in Sweden.

My personal Missionstatement:

I will write, speak and lead, to convene and mobilize leaders, for dialog, collaboration and action, in order to bring hope to the least of these.

Background in Media:

Before I was Editor in chief, CEO and Publisher for several mediacompanies. I also work with leaders in the marketplace and nonprofits. Building relations and network with people who wants to improve the world.

Work for EuroAcademy - A World well led

As a member of the board I work for good leadership that can change the world.